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Plastic Surgery – What is Plastic Surgery?

The word “cosmetic surgery” is common to every layman. On the other hand, there is much ignorance about the terms:

  • Aesthetic surgery
  • Plastic surgery
  • Aesthetic plastic surgery and
  • Cosmetic surgery

These terms are understandable when they compare their Greek origin with today’s content.

Aesthetics: (Greek = aesthetics): “perceptible”. Even in ancient times with “obviously beautiful”. Today: aesthetics, beautiful, balanced, tasteful, appealing.

Plastic: (Greek = plastic): “To shape, shape, shape affiliation”. Today: form, shape, shape.

Cosmetics: (Greek = kosmetikos): “belong to the cleaning, belong to the cleaning art. Today: to the body and beauty care.

Even in classical antiquity, aesthetics was understood as a doctrine of the “perceptually beautiful,” and the sense of beauty was classified by reason into a spiritual view of the world. A close interweaving of performing arts, mathematics and medicine in the 5th and 6th centuries resulted from the fact that the Greeks discovered their ideal of beauty in their own good. This act of perception established the aesthetics. Beauty has been translated into reliable formulas, numbers and measures and developed into the ancient theory of proportionality of human form. This was the pioneer of ancient anatomy teaching. The anatomy first had to be made representable by the sculptor before it could be useful for medicine. It had to be in the hands of the visual artist before the doctor could expand it to its scientific foundation. Ancient beauty theory defined the demand for harmony and aesthetics as follows:
Perfecting beauty is based on perfect health and on the perfect training of all the facilities that nature has placed in the human organism.

The modern term “aesthetics” was founded in 1773 by Baumgarten, who defined aesthetics as “the doctrine of the laws of good taste, art and the beautiful”.

The meaning of the words “plastic” or “plastic” is often misunderstood. In medical terminology, both terms include the process of molding and molding, i. H. We want to express surgical procedures that are subject to certain laws. We do not mean the use of “plastic” in the sense of “plastic”. We do not use plastic, but plastic. Irrespective of this, plastic surgery knows various plastic plastic implants, but these have nothing to do with the name of the patient.

The clarification of these relationships is important for the correct understanding of the language between patient and doctor.
Aesthetic plastic surgery therefore uses the ancient meaning of “perceiving beauty” and “shapes” in its designation, comparable to the sculptor’s activity.

While the artist is only able to create a static sculpture (plastic), the operative means of the surgeon are to establish the laws of aesthetics of human beauty. However, the most professional correction result is unfinished when aesthetic plastic surgery fails to adhere to the basic values ​​of the art of healing, namely the correspondence of physical and psychological harmony (health). In any case, the aesthetic plastic surgeon will rarely, if ever, be able to create beauty. Each person has his own aesthetic sense of beauty, which he refers to to varying degrees to the normative beauty ideals of society. Therefore, aesthetic surgery must not dictate ideal dimensions and shapes. The aesthetic reflection of the patient as an individual about himself determines the task of the plastic surgeon. Before the procedure we regularly hear as a justification for the desire for surgery: “I can no longer see myself”: To overcome this state of psycho-physical disharmony, it is not enough, by a technically flawless procedure a correspondingly beautiful organ to build. A correction is only successful if the patient is able to accept himself as he sees himself. This can only be achieved if the surgeon’s aesthetic considerations are consistent with patient expectations and environmental responses to the correction.

Bad celebrity plastic surgery

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