Plastic Surgery Specialty – This is my friend’s story!

How to become a plastic surgeon – Specialty

I decided to open up this topic today after sharing the amazing photos of celebrities’ badly operated plastic surgeries and their amazing plastic surgery. In this article, I aimed to create awareness of expertise. I will give examples from my friend when transferring information about the subject because it is his story, It is not difficult to guess that every surgeon will have experienced these events.

Plastic surgery specialty

16 years ago when I entered the Faculty of Medicine, the medical school scores in the university exam were very low. Being in the 1% ranking zone was enough for you to enter the Faculty of Medicine. Now, as far as I know, you need to be in the top 3000 to get a medical school. Moreover, Turkey’s highest quality Medicine Anchor, Cerrahpaşa and you need very high scores for such Hacettepe University. In the past, when I was preparing for university exams, it was still free to open a practice in our country and there was no law like the whole day law. Then the doctors working at the examination hall were making a huge amount of money, but when I asked them to get suggestions, I asked, bu Can I recommend this faculty? Eyi I said, doktor What are you going to do? I would recommend you to be an industrial engineer. Endüstri Now I understand they’re trying not to create rivals. But now the situation has changed. Now there is no da excessive wealth. In medicine, the practice is restricted by the law of the whole day to open, although the fact that medicine is so preferred today is a twist of life.

I don’t need to make a lot of comments about my 6 years at the Faculty of Medicine, but I can summarize it as the most difficult university education. The students of the Faculty of Medicine generally decide on what expertise they want in their 4th and 5th grade internships and in the process of the 6th year. Personally, I wanted to become a obstetrician until I did the rotation in the 6th grade, but in a week in my burn unit, I changed my mind completely and decided to become a Plastic Surgeon. At that time, our expertise was becoming a new popular. Even we were aware of the aesthetic dimension of the work. There was also a series of Cer nip / tuck ord, the highly acclaimed series among medical students, two Plastic Surgeons working in the same practice. A specialty that I saw so much dustpink had a different place in my mind. Most of the intern’un dressings, surgeries began to come to me very attractive. Now some plastic surgeons are surprised when I say to my friends, çev my idea has changed in the burn unit olumlu, they think the burn unit should normally turn positive ideas into negative. Of course, according to his own reasons, a specialty branch determines the head. In the third year of my plastic surgery assistant, I learned that my dear mother has prayed so that I am not to be a woman. I would be an obstetrician if she would be an obstetrician. They say there’s a charity in every job, I think it fits well. All medical students cannot reach their goals like me, unfortunately, there is a significant obstacle ahead. This obstacle is called ”Plastic surgery specialty adı Bu

I think about the subject of medical school education “Plastic surgery specialty bence, ie a specialty examination in medicine. Öğ Plastic surgery specialty ,5, which is considered to be the most difficult exam organized by ÖSYM, removes 1-1,5 years of medical students who cannot find the time to socialize during the faculty. If you have doctors among your close friends and you’ve known them since you were a student, try to remember how little you see them in this exam process. You need to prepare for the exam so well that you can reach the incredible weight because of sitting and immobility. That is to say, after having succeeded in the exam, he has to worry about giving the weight. The cadres opened for the exam are not as clear as the university exam. In other words, there is a possibility that the staff you want is not opened. If you think you are experiencing stress and difficulty in the university exam, multiply her by two.

If you cannot get the point you want in the abilir plastic surgery specialty mec and enter the place you want, the Ministry of Health takes your name on the list of the first mandatory service rules, and as a general practitioner, you may be forced to live and work where you cannot even imagine before. This can be discussed again in a separate dimension. Let us assume that everything goes well, you get a good score from the exam and you have achieved the plastic surgery clinic you are targeting. In my time, you should have a degree to get into a good clinic. You have passed a difficult process and examination, you get a good degree between about 20 thousand doctors who take the exam, you are very happy and the only person who meets you by laughing when you go to the clinic you are working on is only one person above you. The only reason he laughed at you is when you start working with the angels on his shoulder …

Let’s give this brief information about the first day of im plastic surgery specialty üyle and say more about it later “

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